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Seychelles Blue Economy Strategic Roadmap and Implementation

Seychelles Blue Economy Strategic Roadmap and Implementation

The Commonwealth Secretariat is to assist the Government of Seychelles to validate and implement the Blue Economy Strategic Roadmap and support Seychelles in its transition to a more integrated ocean-based economy.

Country: Seychelles    
Host: Minister of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy
Start Date: 29 Jan 2016
End Date: 28 Jan 2018
Policy Area: Oceans and Natural Resources
Policy Expert: Julian Roberts
Project Manager: Pauline Campbell


The emerging concept of the Blue Economy has been embraced by the Government of Seychelles as a mechanism to realise sustainable economic development based around an ocean-based economy.  

Seychelles intention is to implement the Blue Economy concept at the national level as a framework to foster an integrated approach for sustainable development programmes.

The critical gap however, is the mechanism for its implementation at the national level. Limited, if any, practical information is currently available to countries, notably small states, wishing to implement these concepts.

This is predominately so, as information that does exist focuses primarily on land-based economic development or has a strong focus on conservation rather than on the sustainable use of the investment in an ocean-based economy for national benefit.

This roadmap will necessarily require the definition of short, medium and long-term actions across a broad range of sectors and will also require fundamental changes to the traditional institutional arrangements that exist to support management of marine sectors and resources in Seychelles. 

A coordinated, whole of Government approach will be a necessary condition for successful implementation of the Blue Economy.

Recent changes in Government have established a dedicated agency to oversee completion and implementation for the Blue Economy Roadmap. 

However, while Seychelles has existing capacity for some key sectors of the Blue Economy (e.g. fisheries) it lacks the overarching policy and strategic expertise required to make this transition effectively.

As such, the Government of Seychelles is seeking the assistance of the Commonwealth Secretariat with the provision of a long-term in-country technical expert to assist the Government complete this transition effectively.

In addition, up to two additional technical experts may be required on a short-term basis (6 months) to undertake specific technical activities that are expected to arise as the project progresses.


The project aims to assist the Government of Seychelles in developing and implementing a National Blue Economy Roadmap, the purpose being to establish the broad direction for future investment in and development of a sustainable ocean-based economy in Seychelles.

The purpose of the specific request for long-term (and shorter-term) technical adviser(s), is to assist the Government of Seychelles to review, validate and implement the Roadmap and more importantly, to support Seychelles in its transition to a more integrated ocean-based economy.  

The Government’s ultimate goals in developing the national Blue Economy Roadmap include:

  • Economic diversification
  • Food security
  • Sustainable management of the marine environment, and
  • Creation of jobs, notably high value jobs.

The successful and sustainable implementation of the Blue Economy Strategic Roadmap will ultimately deliver the following outcomes: 

  • Ocean ecosystems and biodiversity recovered and protected. 
  • Increased investment in existing ocean-based economic sectors.
  • New data and knowledge on Seychelles ocean space available.
  • Marine-based aquaculture sector and marine biotechnology products and processes developed and implemented.
  • Protective measures and greater use of surveillance and enforcement tools provides greater protection for Seychelles.
  • Fisheries and aquaculture management improved through equitable, non-subsidized and sustainable practices.
  • Utilization of renewable energy from the ocean, increased.
  • Surveillance of offshore waters strengthened through enhanced maritime domain awareness and law enforcement. The above is expected to contribute to the goals of the Government of Seychelles.
  • Capacity built and new research/data sectors developed.
  • Streamlined implementation with an overarching system in place.

The main beneficiaries of the project will be the Ministry of Finance, Trade and The Blue Economy. In addition, a range of government agencies/ministries that have responsibility for the management of marine resources and sectors, including Marine resources, tourism, environment management, maritime transport, economic development and investment, maritime security and offshore petroleum will also benefit.

A broad range of relevant stakeholders and citizens will ultimately benefit from this intervention, including existing marine industry sectors, marine user groups and local communities.  


This project’s intended outputs include:

  • Comprehensive and strategic advice provided to the Minister of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy, Permanent Secretary and relevant stakeholders responsible for the Blue Economy.
  • Relevant documentation e.g. policy papers, project management documents, project status and evaluation documents prepared and submitted to reporting officer.
  • Review of the current Roadmap including additional improvement/amendments in the content leading to the validation of the Road Map.
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation facilitated as required, including the establishment of stakeholder bodies.
  • Strategies, focus areas and projects for implementation of the Blue Economy Roadmap identified, approved and implemented.
  • Resources (financial, human capacity and technical) necessary to execute projects for implementation of the Blue Economy Roadmap, identify, solicited and secured.
  • Strategic partnerships between Seychelles and relevant partners including, but not limited to: development agencies, private sector organizations, and marine research institutes, established and maintained.
  • Consistent implementation of the Roadmap across government and its respective agencies, in particular, working closely with Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA), Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (MEECC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Transport (MFAT), National Institution for Science, Technology and Innovation(NISTI), Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation and, the University of Seychelles, ensured and documented.
  • Blue Economy roadmap and policy, as implemented by Seychelles, promoted domestically, regionally and internationally.
Photo credit: Y. Ballester