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This directory lists all organisations accredited and associated with the Commonwealth.


Accreditation to the Commonwealth is carried out by the Accreditation Committee, which is formed of a subset of member governments. Accreditation provides formal recognition and demonstrates that the organisation is committed to the Values and Principles of the Commonwealth, as outlined in the Commonwealth Charter. It entails adherence to a set of rights and responsibilities in representing the Commonwealth name and brand.

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Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC)

The Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC)'s object is to promote cooperation in matters of professional interest among people in the Commonwealth engaged in legislative drafting or in training people in legislative drafting.

Commonwealth Association of Museums

The Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM) is an international NGO based in Canada and dedicated to supporting museums and museum workers throughout the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.


Commonwealth Association of Paediatrics Gastroenterology and Nutrition

CAPGAN promotes the knowledge of and training in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition throughout the Commonwealth, but especially among developing countries.


Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP)

CAP seeks to focus and develop the skills of urban and regional planners across the Commonwealth to meet the challenges of urbanisation and the sustainable development of human settlements.

Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees

CAPAC is designed to support the work of Commonwealth Public Accounts Committees in promoting good governance, implementing the declaration on these committees contained in the communiqué of the November 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting