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Activists set path to end gender-based violence

5 December 2018

Women rights campaigners, lawyers and officials joined Secretary-General Patricia Scotland to stand in solidarity with survivors of gender-based violence and to call for a robust response to end it.

Commonwealth Secretary-General hails University of the West Indies’ continuing contribution

5 December 2018

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has paid tribute to the University of the West Indies (UWI) for its enormous contributions to education and for strengthening the fabric of Commonwealth connections

Blog of the week: Gender and Climate Change – where are we and what next?

Climate change affects women more profoundly than men. Often, women bear the brunt of extreme weather events because they lack economic, political and legal power, especially in developing countries.

Officials sketch the future of intra-Commonwealth trade

4 December 2018

Trade officials and experts gathered at the Commonwealth’s headquarters to debate the future of intra-Commonwealth trade in view of emerging trends such as increased digitalisation of services and regulatory barriers.

Secretary-General: Invest in youth to deliver peace

4 December 2018

The Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland, has launched a UN report that highlights the enormous contributions of young people to peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Secretary-General rallies calls for safer internet at Global Citizen Festival

3 December 2018

The Commonwealth Secretary-General appeared alongside world leaders and superstars from the world of music and entertainment to call for concerted action to make the internet a safer place for connectivity and engagement.

Commonwealth workshop amplifies young Pacific voices

30 November 2018

Pacific Regional Youth Leaders gathered in Fiji to explore new strategies to strengthen youth engagement in tackling issues such as unemployment, inequality and education disparity.

Commonwealth trains young leaders in Cameroon in community cohesion and peace

30 November 2018

The Commonwealth has concluded a ‘Faith in the Commonwealth’ training of trainers in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Twenty-five young leaders from across the country’s ten regions attended a four-day residential programme to promote community cohesion through global citizenship education.

Samoa makes human rights history with inquiry into family violence

A blog written by Loukinikini Vili, Director of Human Rights, Ombudsman and National Human Rights Institution, Samoa.

Collaboration central to strengthening election observation

30 November 2018

The organisations that observe elections around the world gathered at the Commonwealth’s headquarters in London for a two-day meeting to discuss best practice for observer missions.