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Climate experts mark World Environment Day with event in Antigua and Barbuda

8 June 2018

Youth has an increasingly crucial role to play in reducing pollution and protecting our planet, said the Antigua and Barbuda Minister of Health and Environment, Molwyn Joseph, at an event to commemorate World Environment Day.

Experts ponder on how to regulate the use of virtual currencies

8 June 2018

Experts from around the Commonwealth have been meeting in London this week to craft legislative guidance on how to effectively regulate the use of virtual currencies which will allow member states to reap the benefits of the new technology but also guard against its abuse.

World Oceans Day 2018: A Blue Charter for a blue planet

7 June 2018

International concern for the plight of the global ocean is at an all-time high. In April this year, the 53 countries of the Commonwealth adopted the Commonwealth Blue Charter, creating a bright blue beacon to guide cooperative action on ocean issues. 

Commonwealth helps Seychelles strengthen its legal frameworks

7 June 2018

The legal frameworks and mechanisms of Seychelles have been strengthened further, following capacity building and technical assistance from Commonwealth experts.

Commonwealth Asian countries discuss world trade priorities

7 June 2018

Asian countries of the Commonwealth have gathered in New Delhi, India, this week to deliberate on how to respond to major shifts in the global trade landscape.

Young people must be at the heart of government plans for the future

6 June 2018

Young people must be at the heart of government plans for the future, the Commonwealth Secretariat has said at a UN meeting.

Commonwealth helps Guyana regulate its billion-dollar petroleum sector

6 June 2018

The Commonwealth is assisting Guyana to create the regulations, policies and legislation it needs for a new petroleum industry that could inject billions into its economy.

Digital entrepreneur welcomes new e-commerce strategy for Cameroon

5 June 2018

He's fortunate to be growing an online business during a digital revolution, but for the General Manager of a leading classified ads platform in Cameroon things could be easier.

CHMM lookback: Experts discuss key health priorities for Commonwealth

4 June 2018

This year’s Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting (CHMM) provided a key platform for decision-makers to discuss priorities for citizens of the 53 member countries.

Cameroon to boost e-commerce with new Commonwealth strategy

1 June 2018

Businesses in Cameroon are poised to take advantage of new proposals to boost their digital economy.