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Commonwealth provides ‘impulse’ for climate action, says UN climate body

24 February 2017

The Commonwealth and the leading United Nations climate organisation have committed to work closely together to implement the landmark Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Nauru election taskforce to assess observer recommendations

20 February 2017

An election taskforce has been set up in the Pacific nation of Nauru to assess reforms put forward by international observers from the Commonwealth and Pacific Islands Forum.

Youth development index offers guide for data-driven policy-makers

20 February 2017

The Commonwealth Secretariat’s Youth Development Index ranks 183 countries according to the prospects of young people in employment, education, health, civic and political spheres.

Commonwealth Secretariat encourages peaceful discourse in Dominica

18 February 2017

The Commonwealth Secretariat has been monitoring developments in Dominica and was saddened by the violence that occurred following a public meeting on 7 February.

Nauru elections: Commonwealth brings ‘credibility in strengthening democracy’

17 February 2017

The head of Nauru’s newly established electoral commission has hailed the Commonwealth for strengthening the country’s democracy.

'With Commonwealth help we will see Vanuatu’s democracy become stronger'

15 February 2017

The Vanuatu Electoral Office, which has a permanent staff of just seven, is preparing for provincial polls next month.

Statement on The Gambia re-joining the Commonwealth

14 February 2017

A Commonwealth Secretariat spokesperson has said the organisation welcomes any effort by the newly elected government of The Gambia to re-apply for membership of the Commonwealth.

Cyprus to manage public debt with Commonwealth support

14 February 2017

The government of Cyprus is to benefit from a Commonwealth programme to improve public debt recording and management.

Commonwealth Secretary-General: ‘Significant, influential and inspirational’ leadership, say delegates to ACU conference

8 February 2017

Delegates to the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) conference in Liverpool have thanked Secretary-General Patricia Scotland for her continuing support and ‘inspirational’ leadership.

The Commonwealth: Redux? asks Canadian television show

7 February 2017

Canadian television station TVO yesterday broadcast a special edition of its flagship talk show, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, focused on the Commonwealth of Nations: its purpose, past and future.