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Commonwealth announces dates for 2013 Heads of Government meeting

7 December 2012

President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka and Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma today announced that the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 15 to 17 November 2013.

CHOGM is held every two years and is the Commonwealth’s highest consultative and policy-making body. Commonwealth leaders agreed on Sri Lanka as the 2013 host for the meeting when they met in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, in 2009. They reaffirmed this decision at the 2011 CHOGM in Perth, Australia.

The President said: “As a committed member of the Commonwealth family, Sri Lanka is pleased to be hosting CHOGM. The Commonwealth shares a strong commitment to the twin pillars of democracy and development. We look forward to welcoming all Commonwealth leaders and delegates to our country for what I am confident will be a successful and mutually beneficial summit in true Commonwealth spirit.”

He added: “As the host country, we look forward to sharing experiences in areas of collective interest, including rural development, youth empowerment and people-centred socio-economic growth within our Commonwealth family, and engaging with all members to achieve a significant outcome."

The Secretary-General said that CHOGM brings together leaders representing around a quarter of the world’s countries, and a third of the world’s population.

“CHOGM is an opportunity for Commonwealth leaders to work on common approaches to the national and global challenges of our times, to find paths to peace and prosperity for all, and to deliberate on how this exceptional organisation can continue to serve the world better,” the Secretary-General said.

He added: “The Commonwealth unites governments and people around practical action on shared values and principles, mutually supporting one another in a spirit of goodwill and co-operation. The Commonwealth community looks forward to the warmth and hospitality of the Sri Lankan people.”

CHOGM brings together political leaders and also associated gatherings of civil society, young people, the business community and others who share the vision of this global summit. The Commonwealth is a global good and a driver of positive change in the world today.

The summit, including the Leaders’ Retreat, will be held in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.

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  • 1. Dec 11 2012 12:52AM, siva wrote:

    I am strongly condemning Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma and Commonwealth nation’s heads that who agreed to meet in Sri Lanka in 2013. I urge likeminded Commonwealth nation’s heads like our Prime Minister Stephen Harper to change the venue or boycott the meeting.

  • 2. Dec 10 2012 5:20PM, JJ wrote:

    Sri Lanka's capitol is Sri Jayawardane Pura (or Kotte)

  • 3. Dec 10 2012 4:31PM, Mahesh wrote:

    What is Common Wealth stance on Sri Lanka's human rights violations?

  • 4. Dec 10 2012 3:18PM, vijay wrote:

    Commonwealth heads are deaf and blind. Even after all the recent event strongly proof the abuse of power and acts against humanity by govt of Srilanka they have decided to have their meeting in Colombo. How this movement can establish its credibility?

  • 5. Dec 8 2012 11:42PM, Dinesh Fernando wrote:

    Dear Sec Genera As a Sri Lankan professional domiciled in the west, i beg you not to proceed with Sri Lanka event as you know the present regime is doing everyging aginst the rule fo law. Commonwealth do not need another banana republic and please boycot the 2013 sessions in Sri Lanka.

  • 6. Dec 8 2012 10:04PM, Lk Perera wrote:

    Sirs, No doubt you are aware of the serious deterioration of rule of law and basic tenets of a modern society in Sri Lanka. Considering that, it would be much appreciated if your SG can take effective steps to initiate to reconsider having this meeting and make these reconsiderations public as an encouragement to the people of Sri Lanka. If not this meeting and this announcement will be used as a propaganda by the current SL regime as recognition of their rule.

  • 7. Dec 8 2012 4:40PM, duminda wrote:

    Shift this to another country

  • 8. Dec 8 2012 3:38PM, Lal Athapathu wrote:

    Please do not hold this meeting here. Democratic institutions in Sri Lanka have been systematically dismantled and the impeachment process – more akin to a witch trial of the dark ages -unleashed against the Chief Justice has now exposed the true agenda of the Rajapakse regime at its worst. Sri Lankan Government should be forced to abide by the Harare Principles of Democracy and the Rule of Law.

  • 9. Dec 8 2012 3:33PM, Junta wrote:

    having this in Colombo will be a joke! The Chief Justice is being impeached disregarding all principals of law. WAKE UP commonwealth!

  • 10. Dec 8 2012 3:30PM, Silva wrote:

    Given the Governments undemocratic actions in undermining the independence of the judiciary, CHOGM should consider moving the venue to another country. Current attitude of impunity and virtual dictatorship is not compatible with the principles of the commonwealth.

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