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Commonwealth Secretariat encourages peaceful discourse in Dominica

18 February 2017

The Commonwealth Secretariat has been monitoring developments in Dominica and was saddened by the violence that occurred following a public meeting on 7 February.

The Commonwealth Charter espouses that freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, the rule of law and human rights are the foundations of a democratic society and accountable governance. In this regard, the Commonwealth Secretariat will work closely with regional partners such as CARICOM to encourage Dominicans to continue to find ways for peaceful dialogue and discourse. It is important for the Government and people of Dominica to uphold and respect the rule of law and that due process takes it course.

The Secretariat is already supporting the efforts of Dominica to deepen democracy in the country. The Secretary-General Patricia Scotland recently deployed a delegation to hold discussions with key stakeholders to strengthen and build trust in the country’s electoral systems and framework. This support will continue.