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Electoral Expert – Building the Capacity of ELECAM

Location: Cameroon and Home-based
Closing date: 19 June 2019
Contract duration: 30 person days to be worked over six weeks

Consultant Fee: £10,500

The Commonwealth has had a longstanding relationship with Cameroon, supporting and advancing democratic reforms. This sustained engagement resulted in the passing of legislation in December 2006 to establish Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), the first independent election management body in Cameroon.

The aim of this consultancy is to support Elections Cameroon in its efforts to strengthen operational capacity of its staff and officials in advance of upcoming regional council elections.  More broadly, the consultants will support ELECAM with its promotion, integration and application of good electoral practices as they relate to key processes and procedures.

The consultant will provide advice and support to ELECAM; assist ELECAM in the design and preparation of a comprehensive training curriculum and methodology for elections officials; assist in the training of ELECAM staff and officials, on good electoral practice, provide an international comparative perspective to ELECAM in policy and operations related matters; and assist ELECAM with the promotion and reinforcing of good electoral practices and principles throughout the election cycle.

To be considered you will need 10 years or more of experience, knowledge and expertise in democratic governance, electoral process and democratisation; significant experience in providing practical advice to policy makers; to be able to work well with Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs), civil society, political parties and the donor community; experience of producing high quality reports and analytical documents; strong intellectual and operational capacity in providing an coordinating adversary services to stakeholders in electoral processes; and significant experience designing and delivering trainings, with a track record of developing manuals, guides, policy document in a relevant field. Please refer to the terms of reference for full details.

Interested consultants who meet the assignment criteria are invited to participate by submitting a detailed CV which includes academic qualification, cover letter, and a proposal with details of similar projects undertaken, a technical approach and methodology, a detailed workplan, a sample training methodology and budget, and an indication of earliest availability for the assignment, or period of notice required, in the event of an offer.

Applications close on Wednesday 19 June 2019 at 17:00 BST.

Please note that you need to be a Commonwealth national to apply.

Apply online Terms of reference