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  • ‘Be Marshallese, Buy Marshallese’

    Hub and Spokes II Programme: Success story - enhancing trade capacity and domestic competitiveness in trade in the Republic of Marshall Islands. 

  • Raising Malawi’s voice in trade negotiations

    Hub and Spokes II Programme: Success story - developing Malawi's competitive export economy.


The Commonwealth in Action

A feature series capturing the voices of Commonwealth experts on the ground and people impacted by our work.

Strengthening the protection of consumer rights in Lesotho

The Hub and Spokes programme is helping Lesotho’s government to boost consumer protection.

Nauru elections: Commonwealth brings ‘credibility in strengthening democracy’

The head of Nauru’s newly established electoral commission has hailed the Commonwealth for strengthening the country’s democracy.

'With Commonwealth help we will see Vanuatu’s democracy become stronger'

The Vanuatu Electoral Office, which has a permanent staff of just seven, is preparing for provincial polls next month.

Helping Fiji to become a Pacific trading and investment hub

Fiji is an open economy classified by the World Bank as a middle income country. The country is reform oriented in order to boost trade development, and is strategically positioned within the South Pacific region.