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  • ‘Be Marshallese, Buy Marshallese’

    Hub and Spokes II Programme: Success story - enhancing trade capacity and domestic competitiveness in trade in the Republic of Marshall Islands. 

  • Raising Malawi’s voice in trade negotiations

    Hub and Spokes II Programme: Success story - developing Malawi's competitive export economy.


The Commonwealth in Action

A feature series capturing the voices of Commonwealth experts on the ground and people impacted by our work.

Aid for trade initiative boosted with €5 million agreement

African, Caribbean and Pacific countries are to benefit from the extension of an innovative aid for trade initiative which embeds trade advisers in national ministries and regional organisations.

Blog: Transforming Kenya’s economy through its first ever national trade policy

Kenya's new National Trade Policy aims to grow and enhance productivity, develop infrastructure, and improve the quality of products.

New phase for Hub and Spokes trade initiative which aids Africa, Caribbean and Pacific

The Hub and Spokes programme is a joint initiative of the European Union, ACP Group Secretariat, Commonwealth Secretariat and Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.

10 lessons learned in advising an island nation on trade policy

Jean Bertrand Azapmo is a national trade adviser with the Hub and Spokes programme, an innovative aid for trade initiative supporting countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific to boost trade and prosperity.