What we do

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The Commonwealth is active in a number of areas including development, democracy, debt management and trade.

We are committed to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and pursue these through programmes implemented by the divisions of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The Commonwealth Secretariat’s Strategic Plan sets out the overall strategic focus, objectives and expected results of the organization for the four year period 2008/09 – 2011/12. The Plan has two ongoing and interlinked Goals for the Secretariat reflecting the Commonwealth’s emphasis on the promotion of democracy and development:

Goal 1: Peace and Democracy

Democracy Pillar– promoting Commonwealth fundamental political values

We aim to support member countries to prevent or resolve conflicts, strengthen democratic practices and the rule of law, and achieve greater respect for human rights.

This work is carried out through the following 4 Programmes:

 1 Good Offices for Peace
 2 Democracy and Consensus Building
 3 Rule of Law 
 4 Human Rights  

Goal 2: Pro-Poor Growth and Sustainable Development

Development Pillar – developing national capacity of member countries

This work is carried out through the following 4 Programmes:

 5 Public Sector Development
 6 Economic Development
 7 Environmentally Sustainable Development
 8 Human Development